Commissioning and Performance Testing

A written commissioning plan shall accompany design documents and be approved by the commissioning authority in advance of construction activities. The commissioning plan, along with the other project documents, shall be available to all potential suppliers and contractors prior to bid. The commissioning plan shall address the operation of the entire ventilation system where the hoods, laboratories, and associated exhaust and air supply ventilation systems are considered subsystems. The plan shall include, in addition to written procedures to verify or validate the proper operation of all system components:


  • Laboratory Chemical Hood Specification and Performance Tests
  • Preoccupancy Hood and Ventilation System Commissioning Tests
  • Preoccupancy Laboratory Commissioning Tests

ANSI Z9.5 6.2.2

ANSI/ASHRAE 110 1995


Preliminary and final commissioning documents shall be issued to the appropriate parties by the University representative. The documents shall include:


  • Design Flow Specifications
  • Laboratory and System Drawings for Final System Design
  • Copy of Test and Balance Report
  • Commissioning Test Data
  • List of Ventilation System Deficiencies uncovered and the details of how (and if) they were satisfactorily resolved

Operational deficiencies and other problems uncovered by the commissioning process shall be communicated to the responsible party (i.e., installer, subcontractor, etc.) for prompt correction.


ANSI Z9.5 6.2.3


The volumetric flow exhausted from a laboratory chemical hood shall be determined by measuring the flow in the exhaust duct, using industry-approved methods.


ANSI Z9.5 6.3.1


The hood static pressure shall be measured above the outlet collar of the hood at the flows required to achieve the design average face velocity.


ANSI Z9.5 6.3.2


The average face velocity, cross draft, response time, smoke containment, and tracer gas containment shall be determined by the methods described in the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 Method of Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods. The area Industrial Hygienist shall approve the results of the fume hood commissioning tests.