Compressed Gas Cylinder Restraint

Approved storage racks (e.g., Unistrut, pipe racks) shall be provided that adequately secure gas cylinders by chains, metal straps, or other approved materials, to prevent cylinders from falling or being knocked over. Chains are preferable to straps. Straps shall be noncombustible. 


8 CCR 4650 (e)

24 CCR 9, Section 7401.6.4

NFPA 45, 8-1.5


Cylinder restraints shall be sufficient to prevent the cylinder from tipping over. In seismically active areas, more than one chain/strap should be used (double chains/straps should be located at one-third and two-thirds the height of the cylinder).


UC Practice

8 CCR 4650

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, Section 4.E.4


Chain/strap restraints shall be used to restrain a maximum of 3 cylinders per chain/strap or per set of chains/straps (if double-chained/strapped). 


UC Practice


The purchase and installation of compressed gas cylinder securing systems shall be subject to review and approval of EH&S.


Gas cylinder securing systems should be anchored to a permanent building member or fixture. Connection to a permanent building member or fixture is needed to prevent movement during a seismic event.


UC Practice