Electrical Power Generation

Every piece of equipment that generates electricity and back-feeds it into the grid, regardless of the amount of electricity it produces, is regulated by the State of California’s Public Utilities Commission (CA-PUC).  The PUC must issue every unique generation location with a license to generate power and feed that power back into the grid. This is known as “Electric Rule No. 21” and is documented on the Cal. PUC Sheet # 23678 – E. All UC installations of power-generating equipment that back-feeds the grid must comply with Electric Rule No. 21. UC Project Management must contact the local utility overseeing power-supply to the project site, and that is the licensing and enforcing-body for this PUC rule at project site.  Contact the local Utility’s generation licensing service for assistance in designing, approving and licensing any equipment design / installation intended to back-feed the grid on UC property.