General Installation Requirements For Cabinets and Engineered Storage

Flammable liquid storage cabinets shall NOT be located near exit doorways, stairways, or in a location that would impede leaving the area.


Flammable liquid storage cabinets shall NOT be wall mounted.


Wall-mounted cabinets are not UL Listed or FM Approved. The mounting could breach the fire-resistive integrity of the cabinet. 


UC Practice


Flammable liquid storage cabinets shall NOT be located near an open flame or other ignition source. 


An open flame or other ignition source could start a fire or cause an explosion if an accident or natural disaster brought the ignition source and flammable liquids or vapors together.


UC Practice


One room shall not contain more than three flammable liquid storage cabinets unless those groups of three cabinets are separated from each other by a distance of not less than 100 feet (30 m) – OR – if the building is protected by an automatic sprinkler system, the number of cabinets in any one group shall be increased to six. 


8 CCR 5533

NFPA 30, Chapter 4-3.2


Flammable and toxic/corrosive liquid storage cabinets shall be seismically anchored to prevent spillage of contents. Anchoring must not compromise the integrity of the fire rating, i.e., drilling holes through a free-standing cabinet.


Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, Sections 4.E.1 and 4.E.2


Flammable storage cabinets shall be bonded and grounded to the building’s electrical ground if a local ground-bar is not available. All liquid transfer components in a flammable liquid transfer must be bonded and grounded prior to transfer commencing.