General Requirements/Considerations

Early in the planning stages when an irradiator or x-ray producing device is planned for installation in a building, the RSO shall be consulted. There are numerous regulatory and design requirements that shall be addressed (e.g., registration, licensing, and shielding).

Registration of machines: Many states require that machines be registered within thirty days after installation. In California, machines shall be registered within 30 days of acquisition. Machines are typically registered by the facility RSO or designee.


17 CCR 30108 - 30146


Licensing of radioactive materials: Most sealed and unsealed sources that contain radioactive materials shall be licensed by the appropriate regulatory agency. Licensing is by the respective State or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. All uses of radioactive materials are approved by the facility RSO and/or Radiation Safety Committee (RSC).


17 CCR 30170-30237


When constructing or reconstructing a room that will house a radiation machine capable of operating at a potential in excess of 500 kVp, the registrant shall notify the Department of Health Services at least 60 days prior to the possession of the machine, or 60 days prior to the commencement of the construction or reconstruction.


17 CCR 30108 – 30110


The shielding design shall be prepared by a “qualified expert” as defined in NCRP 49. (NCRP 147 is now available, but has not yet been adopted by the State of California). Shielding designs for radiation therapy facilities in California shall be prepared by an individual who is on the list of physicists approved by the State of California to perform shielding designs and evaluations for radiation therapy facilities.


17 CCR 30312(b)(5)


All shielding designs, including final construction drawings, shall be approved by the facility RSO and/or RSC.


Facility radioactive material license