Laboratory Waste Flow and Management

Waste Infrastructure


Provide space/infrastructure in corridors and dumpster corrals for multi-stream waste handling. If campus has compatible collection systems, provide building location for electronic waste collection, as well as collection infrastructure for all waste streams managed by your campus in line with its zero waste plan.


Mandatory - UC Policy

UC Sustainable Practices Policy


Hazardous Material Handling


Track and manage hazardous materials stream. Develop a system to maintain current information about hazardous material types, quantity, location, and disposal/use histories, and deliver information to a central location.


Mandatory - UC Policy

UC Sustainable Practices Policy

MR EPC Prerequisite 1: Hazardous Material Handling


Chemical Resource Management


Reduce potential harm to the environment and people through improved management of chemicals.


Develop an Action Plan to eliminate, minimize, substitute, recycle, and dispose of harmful chemicals safely. Plan should improve physical distribution, storage and waste, limit quantities and develop a system to document improvements from standard practice on an on-going basis.



MR EPC Credit 1: Chemical Resource Management