Monitoring Toxic and Highly Toxic Gases

Whenever the quantities and composition of the expected toxic gas inventory levels are exceeded, as interpreted by EH&S, then a continuous gas detection system shall be provided to detect the presence of gas. This system shall detect at or below the permissible exposure limit (LEL), ceiling limit, or maximum permissible concentration, except for toxic gases where EH&S has determined that the physiological warning properties for the gas are sufficiently below the permissible exposure limit. The detection system shall initiate a local alarm and transmit a signal to a constantly attended location. Activation of the monitoring system shall automatically close the shutoff valve on toxic, highly toxic, and radioactive gas supply lines to the system being monitored.


24 CCR 9 (CFC), Sections 8003.3.1.6 and 8003.3.1.7


A provision shall be made to allow the air monitoring equipment to function alarms and shut off gas flows as close to the gas sources as possible. Guidance about the gases to be monitored, alarm set points, and where and how the alarms sound shall be provided by the campus EH&S organization.


An approved supervised smoke detection system shall be provided in rooms or areas where highly toxic compressed gases are stored indoors.


24 CCR 9 (CFC), Section 8003.3.1.7