Nonstructural Seismic Hazard Abatement

Seismic lips (3/4 inch or greater) shall be installed on shelving areas to prevent stored items from falling during a seismic event.  The shelves themselves shall be firmly fixed so they cannot be vibrated out of place and allow the shelf contents to fall.


UC Practice

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, Sections 4.E.1 and 4.E.2


Flexible connections are preferred for connecting equipment and devices to utilities to allow for relative movement in a severe earthquake.


Seismic activity may cause gas and other utilities to break off. A flexible connection will minimize this potential.


UC Practice


Any equipment, including but not limited to, appliances and shelving to be installed by the contractor, which is 42 inches or higher and has the potential for falling over during an earthquake, or moving and blocking corridors or doors, shall be permanently braced or anchored to wall-studs, structural columns and/or the floor.


24 CCR 2 Table 16A-O

8 CCR 3241


All compressed gas cylinders in service or in storage shall be secured to substantial racks or appropriate, sufficiently sturdy storage brackets with two chains, straps, or the equivalent, at 1/3 and 2/3 of the height of the cylinders to prevent their being dislodged during a violent earthquake. NOTE: Clamping devices are not acceptable as cylinder restraints.


For additional information, see the 'Pressure Vessel Components and Systems and Compressed Gas Cylinders' chapter of this document.


UC Practice

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, Section 4.E.4

8 CCR 4650