Water Conservation, Recovery and Recycling

Laboratory Equipment Water Use


New equipment requiring liquid cooling shall be connected to an existing recirculated building cooling water system, new local chiller vented to building exhaust or outdoors, or to the campus chilled water system through an intervening heat exchange system if available. Once through or single pass cooling systems shall not be allowed for soft-plumbed systems using flexible tubing and quick connect fittings for short term research settings. If no alternative to single pass cooling exists, water flow must be automated and controlled to avoid water waste.


Mandatory - UC Policy

UC Sustainable Practices Policy

Water Efficiency EPC Prerequisite 1: Laboratory Equipment Water Use


Process Water Efficiency


  • Employ technologies/methodologies based on Pollution Prevention hierarchy – reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • Treat process wastewater so that is can be downcycled for use in cooling towers, etc.
  • Apply segregation – especially in baths – so that materials are separated from process water. This also recovers materials and thereby reduces overall material use.
  • Reduce water use for wash-up by using efficient floor wash machines instead of hosing.
  • Work with scientists and researchers to modify process to reduce water use (if feasible and does not interfere with science.)

Water Efficiency EPC Credit 1: Process Water Efficiency